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Welcome to Warcloud

Breeders of Beautiful and Distinctive Cats and Kittens       

Pixie-Bobs - Bengals - Snow-Bobs

Warcloud Cats and Kittens For Sale:
We breed Pixie-Bob, Snow-Bob, Bengal and other unique kittens and cats. We regularly have Pixie-Bob and Bengal kittens for sale or available soon! Also, from time-to-time, we offer Snow-Bobs and retired, adult breeders for sale.  For currently available kittens, check our Available Kittens page. For juveniles and adults, please contact us via our web form or by email. We breed our cats only to meet anticipated demand. However, occasionally we are blessed with an exceptionally large litter. When that happens, we are able to offer "incentive pricing" on kittens not yet spoken for. Curious?  Contact us to see if we've had any large litters lately!  

Where's Warcloud?
Warcloud Cattery is centrally located within easy driving distance of Chicago, Evanston, Peoria, Rockford, Springfield and Urbana, Illinois; Gary, Indianapolis, Lafayette and Michigan City Indiana; Beloit, Kenosha, La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee and Platteville Wisconsin; Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Davenport and Iowa City Iowa;  and many other Midwest metro areas. We encourage you to visit us and meet our wonderful cats and kittens. If you would like to make a personal visit, please email us or use our contact form to make arrangements.

Warcloud Cats:
At Warcloud, emphasis is placed on breeding healthy and well-tempered kittens. Our kittens and cats have the uncommon looks of Asian and Native American felines. Don't let looks deceive you! Warcloud cats and kittens are loving and faithful companions. While they are faithful and loving, our cats and kittens possess the natural independence of all domestic cats. With that in mind, the unexpected is always a possibility!

Considering a kitten?
Before adoption, we recommend getting familiar with the specific breed you are interested in. We will happily recommend resources to learn more about your desired companion! (The TICA website is an excellent place to find information about all breeds of cats!)

More about Warcloud:
Warcloud Cattery is located in a rural, easy to get to setting. We are a "friends and family" enterprise. As a result, Warcloud's Bengal, Pixie-bob and Snow-bob cats and kittens spend plenty of social time with both adults and children. Thanks to friends and family, many of our kittens are socialized with dogs and other pets as well as humans! Please have a look at our Image Gallery where you can see candid pictures of our extended family of cats, kittens and people!  Warcloud Cattery is also on Facebook!  Visit us on Facebook for a look at the most recent pictures of our kittens and cats! (Updated regularly!) 

Our Philosophy - and some good quotes:
We stand lovingly behind our cats and kittens. At Warcloud, we take pride in every new litter and each individual life that enters and leaves our cattery's nursery. We believe pets are family and treat our furry children with genuine love and respect. When you purchase a cat or kitten from Warcloud, you are bringing a family member of ours into your own family! 

What greater gift than the love of a cat? ~ Charles Dickens
My cat speaks sign language with her tail. ~ Robert A. Stern
A dog, I have always said, is prose; a cat is a poem.  ~ Jean Burden
There is no more intrepid explorer than a kitten. ~ Jules Champfleury
There are two means of refuge from the misery of life - music and cats.  ~ Albert Schweitzer
There is something about the presence of a cat... that seems to take the bite out of being alone.  ~ Louis J. Camuti
I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult.  It's not.  Mine had me trained in two days.  ~ Bill Dana
Warcloud Cattery is dedicated to my loving parents Allan and Frances Volkman. Indeed, my parents have instilled in me a most intense passion and unending amazement for ALL of God's awesome creations!

Please note Warcloud's NEW email address: shabonnah@warcloudexotics.com
 Or, use our easy and efficient "Contact Us" form for more information about our kittens and cats! 

Warcloud Cattery is a proud member of The International Cat Association

Are you considering one of our Pixie-Bob, Snow-Bob or Bengal Kittens?
We recommend reading the TICA publication, "Tips on Finding the Perfect Kitten".

At Warcloud Cattery we use and recommend NuVet Supplements!
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    On the lighter side, click here for a cat adoption skit from Saturday Night Live
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    Bengal Pixie-Bob and Snow-Bob Kittens


    PixieBob Cats

    Our Pixie-Bobs:
    Our specialty, Pixie-Bobs, are a wonderful breed. We nearly always have Pixie-Bob adults and kittens available for adoption.

    Read More about Pixies


    Bengal Kittens and Cats

    Our Bengals:
    Bengal cats and kittens possess distinctive looks and wonderful personalities. Our Bengal cats and kittens are fantastic companions.

    Read More about Bengals



    We have kittens year round with sound health and sweet personalities. We can ship or arrange personal visitation and on-site adoption.

    More about our kittens

    Our Specialty Breed Features

    Pixie-Bob Cat Breed
    Get to know the "Pixie-Bob"

    Pixie-Bobs are Bred to resemble Native American cats. They possess a very loyal, dog-like personality. The faithful and loving Pixie-Bob is a very muscular and heavy-boned cat.

    Read More About Pixie-Bobs

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