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Dr. Lex and Lisa Bonam
I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to own such a beautiful and unique cat. My Snow Bob kitten has the sweetest temperament; she...read more
Martha Johnson
Warcloud is an extraordinary breeder. Their facilities are exceptional and their breeds are absolutely beautiful. Seeing firsthand...read more
Jim, Holly, Mason, and Madison

Bengal Cat Information

Bengal cats and kittens are energetic, athletic, talkative and very stunning in appearance. Surprising to some, Bengals often enjoy water. Bengal cats and of course kittens that do enjoy water may investigate your activities while washing dishes, brushing your teeth and even taking a shower. In general, water or not, Bengal cats and kittens usually want to be wherever you are. When it comes to size, fully-grown Bengals are considered medium to large cats. They generally weigh from 6-15 pounds, with males generally being larger than females.

Bengal cats are the only domestic cat that can have rosettes very much like the markings on Leopards, Jaguars and Ocelots. The Bengal breed was accepted as a new breed with TICA in 1986 and gained championship status in 1991. Of course, today's Bengal cats come strictly from breeding domestic Bengals to other domestic Bengals. At Warcloud, we raise SBT status Bengal cats and kittens. Visit our Available Kittens page for currently available Bengal Kittens or our updated Litter News page for Bengal Litters in the future. You are always welcome to visit us on Facebook or contact us directly by email to shabonnah@warcloudexotics.com

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Bengal Kitten
       More Information about Bengal Cats from TCIA